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The Full Story


Rewind the clock seventeen years and we were working after school to give our local village their much needed friday night fish & chips. That's right, we started at the bottom, now we're here... (thank you Drake). We had dreams of moving to the 'big city' and living in the corporate world, mainly to pay for our lavish lifestyles (it wasn't that lavish at all). We did it though, Matt moved to London to pursue his passion in interior design and I moved to Sydney to work in hospitality. After years of friendship we always managed to follow each others high's & low's with work and love. What happened next is how we really got here.

Fast forward seventeen years to the week Matt got married to his wonderful husband Nathan. We all flew over to Lindos, Rhodes in Greece, the whole wedding party excited for a holiday in the sun but to also watch our loved ones get married. Matt had planned the whole thing down to a T, every detail and guest in mind, stag do, dinners and day trips out, accommodation, the magical ceremony, food and after party. Nailed it. The next few days we were high on the experience and whilst we were sat around a pool, two drinks in, we suggested that with my experience of over fifteen years in the hospitality industry and Matt’s background in interior design, why are we not doing this for a living...mic drop.


Rhea Events was born. 


After a few weeks of us 'cooling down' from the love bubble that was Matt & Nathan's wedding week, we started to put it all down onto paper. 


What can Cherisse bring to the table? A life in hospitality, on the front line (lunch service on Christmas day with 120 guests, knowing that if you mess this up, you have single handedly ruined christmas) countless wedding speeches, corporate christmas parties, hen do afternoon teas, christenings, work socials, branded event launches and the list goes on. Managing teams of people is the best part, making sure everyone is where they need to be, at the right time. Smooth sailing! 


What does Matt bring to the table? Ten years spent in the industry of interior design has enabled him to gain the understanding of what it takes to execute the clients vision from concept through to reality. With years of business development and planning multiple large scale company events he knows what it takes to make an event creative whilst being meticulously planned and executed. Matt is also the research king. If you have an idea, just know that he will research high & low for every possible way to make it happen for you.

We like to think that hospitality is about service with a smile, ensuring nothing is too much trouble and allowing your guests to enjoy every moment, knowing someone is making their event run smoothly behind the scenes.

When we started our journey building Rhea Events, we wanted to create an events company where the client (that's you) would be able to build a bespoke package to know exactly what they were getting for their money.


One thing we found at the very start researching events companies was there was not much transparency surrounding pricing information and supplier details. We were trying to find information, contacts and what really was included in these 'packages'. We thought it all looked beautiful and shiny but we struggled with finding all the details in one place and what information we were allowed to see when working with venues and their suppliers.


For us it is important that when you click onto our website our prices are there and we are transparent with what we will do for you and who our industry partners are. 


Rhea was born. 

Cherisse & Matt



To provide an intimate client experience, using transparency, experience, knowledge and our little black book of contacts. We will create the event and experience you deserve with no stress on your part. Kick back, relax and enjoy the ride!


Whatever the occasion, whatever the vibe we want you to have the most spectacular event. We want to keep you up to date at every stage so you are always kept in control of your event. Transparent at every stage of the costs involved and what we can do for you. We got you. 


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