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Magdalene Kourti – Photographer Blog Questions  

Magdalene Kourti – Photographer Q&A

What inspired you to pursue a career in wedding photography? Were there any specific moments of experience that sparked your passion for capturing weddings?


As a visual artist, I was always into figurative art, and later on, moving to video art, I loved observing the power of the moment. I wanted to be the one who could document and preserve love stories, emotions, laughter, and intimate moments. It is the ability to capture these heartfelt connections and create timeless memories that continue to inspire me every day.

How would you describe your photography style and approach when capturing weddings? Are there any elements or emotions you strive to convey through your images?


My photography style is wedding photojournalism or wedding documentary. My aim is to create a visual narrative that tells the story of the couple's special day, evoking a range of emotions, such as love, passion, stress, and excitement, and preserving memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Could you share some of the highs and lows you have experienced as a wedding photographer? What keeps you motivated and passionate?


Some of the highs include capturing those once-in-a-lifetime moments of pure joy, witnessing the love and happiness between couples, and receiving heartfelt appreciation from clients for preserving their special day. On the other hand, there have been lows as well. Dealing with demanding clients and working long hours under the sun can be exhausting.
What keeps me passionate is the privilege of being part of such a significant day in people's lives. Also, the ability to create lasting memories and evoke emotions through my photographs. Moreover, the continuous learning and growth opportunities in photography keep me inspired, as each wedding presents unique challenges and creative possibilities.

Greece is renowned for its stunning wedding venues, which locations in Greece do you absolutely love to work in, and why?


I adore all the Greek islands because each one is unique! I have origins from Naxos, Amorgos, Rhodes, Symi, Samos, and Crete, and have spent 25 summers in Lemnos so I am a pure island creature. 

As a photographer, how do you adapt to different venues and lighting conditions to ensure you capture the essence of each couple’s special day?


I am skilled at utilizing Greece's natural light, or using discreet led / artificial lighting, and creating artistic compositions to create amazing images. Ultimately, my goal is to capture every precious moment and tell the couple's love story through my photography.

What advice do you have for couples who are in the process of choosing a wedding photographer? What should they consider and look for in a photographer to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience?


First, review the photographer's portfolio to check his/her style and ability to capture your vision in order to make a good fit. Look for consistency, creativity, and attention to detail. Additionally, inquire about their experience shooting weddings and ask for reviews from past clients. Secondly, meet the photographer in person or via video call to gauge their personality and ensure a comfortable rapport. A friendly and understanding photographer will make you feel at ease on your big day. It's a matter of energy. Third, discuss pricing, packages, contract, and all the details. 

When you first meet with a couple, what kind of information do you seek to understand their vision for their wedding day, and how does this influence your approach to capturing their day?


I do have a detailed questionnaire that will help me a lot, with some information on the couple, their timetable and vision of their wedding day, etc. My approach is always the same. I do capture the flow of the day and the emotions in a discreet and cinematic manner.

How do you make couples feel comfortable and natural in front of a camera? Any tips for capturing authentic and candid moments during the wedding day?


I capture candid moments by being observant. I encourage natural interactions and genuine emotions by suggesting activities or prompts that evoke authentic responses. In general, building a relationship based on trust and understanding helps them relax and be themselves. I encourage open communication, I listen to their ideas and discuss their preferences to ensure their comfort throughout the process. I maintain a friendly and unobtrusive presence, allowing the couple to focus on each other rather than the camera. 

Are there any specific wedding photography trends that you find particularly exciting or popular in Greece currently?


Wedding photojournalism seems to be becoming a trend. 

Greece is known for its stunning and breathtaking scenery. How do you incorporate the beauty of your surroundings into your wedding photography, enhancing your overall visual storytelling?


Location couple portraits is the answer!


Can you share a memorable wedding story or particularly touching moment that you’ve experienced while photographing a wedding in Greece?


Each wedding is unique and the most touching moments are when the couple expresses their emotions. 

What are your top tips for couples who are planning their wedding in Greece? Any recommendations or advice to make the most of their destination wedding experience?


There is tons of advice however the most important one is to relax and enjoy! I do have plenty of information at

In your opinion, what sets weddings in Greece apart from weddings in other parts of the world?


The landscape, the climate, the light, the food, the people!

Finally, tell us about your favorite Greek island and why?


Amorgos :D  A wild beauty!

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