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On The Day Coorination.

You've booked the venue; you've chosen all your suppliers but now you're thinking how do we pull them all together and coordinate them for the wedding day without having to spend your day speaking with suppliers. Well, that's where we come in with our On the Day Coordination package. Pass over all the venue and supplier details and we will create a plan for the day and coordinate the day from 2 hours prior to your ceremony right through to your first dance. 

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Initial Consultation:

For you to get to know us and us you; discussing your wedding ideas.


Ceremony Consultation:

Whether you have booked a symbolic ceremony or a civil wedding we will liaise with the celebrant or town hall to fit the

ceremony details into our plan for the day.


Handover Meeting:

With all booked suppliers on the event plan, timeline and schedule prior to the day.



Session to go through all of your booked suppliers details and discuss an event plan for the day.


The Finer details:

We'll create your detailed event plan, timeline and schedule for the day.


Pre Wedding Meeting:

At the venue, with a drink to run through all the details for the next day with you both.


On the Day Coordination:

From 2 hours prior to the ceremony right through to your first dance. We can't promise you we won't join you on the

dance floor.


**Note we offer the following payment options but are entirely flexible:


1. Deposit and Monthly Instalments: Our most popular payment option, a 25% deposit is required followed by equal monthly payments up to one month before your wedding date.


2. Deposit and Final Payment: A 25% Deposit following by the outstanding balance paid in full one month before your wedding date.


3. Deposit and Bespoke payment Plan: The bespoke option, discuss with us when you want to make payments. A 25% deposit followed by bespoke payments as per agreement with couple, with final instalment up to a month before event date.**

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